Useful...also for you!

The SmartCare pathways have proven to be a useful tool to guide the implementation of integrated eCare services in the nine deployment regions, setting them on a course to-wards viable and sustainable mainstream operation.. They are care system neutral and therefore need to be translated into the local setting(s) in which the services are being deployed. The clear articulation of the three phases have helped the stakeholders involved to identify current gaps in service provision as well as fitting integrated eCare services into the existing roles and responsibilities of health and social care workers. Furthermore, the pathways guided work beyond the initial needs and requirements elicitation phase and helped in the development of detailed service processes and of specifications for IT systems supporting service delivery. The pathways also served as a common vision of what integrated eCare can be and how it can be achieved, facilitating communication between project partners and with the outside world, and providing knowledge and guidance for the future uptake of integrated eCare in other regions of Europe and elsewhere in the world.

Following the work done in SmartCare, further 13 European regions have taken up the pathways for their own service development in the framework of the projects CareWell and BeyondSilos.

We would like to invite you to follow the example of SmartCare, CareWell and BeyondSi-los. The pathways are available from the SmartCare website for you to use (and improve) in your implementation of integrated eCare.