IT specifications based on pathways

The service specifications in SmartCare"translate" the overall service concept into IT systems, divided into three layers:

  • Information recording systems
  • ICT infrastructure components
  • Information sharing systems

All three layers were specified for the whole SmartCare project, based on the pathways. As an example, the figure below shows the specification of the information recording systems layers for the long-term care pathway.

The general IT specification was then adapted to the IT requirements of each of the deployment regions, similar to what was done in relation to the service processes. Particularly, the contextualisation process had to take into account different types of legacy technology existing in the regions and cater for their integration with the SmartCare components.

The contextualised IT specifications helped the organisations involved in service deployment in the regions in achieving a clearer view of the IT system to be put into place, as well as in procurement process.