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Aragón (ES)

Total population: 1.3 million

Region profile

The autonomous region of Aragón is a region located at the North-East of Spain with a population of 1.3 million, living in an area of about 50.000 km². Barbastro’s sector is located in the Northeast of Aragón and shares its borders with France, Catalonia, Navarre and the rest of Aragón. It has several rough geographic topologies: the mountainous northern area with the roughest and tallest peaks of the Pyrenees and Spain, the central part, crossed by the Guara mountain chain, marked by canyons and ravines, and the flat desert south.

Aragón comprises three provinces (Zaragoza, Huesca and Teruel) and 731 municipalities. 14 of these municipalities are urban areas (more than 10.000 inhabitants) and 717 intermediate or rural areas. 50% of the population lives in the regional capital city, Zaragoza, while the remaining 50% is sparsely spread among the rest of the municipalities. The biggest cities in Aragón are: Zaragoza (679.000 inhabitants), Huesca (82.296 inhabitants), Teruel (35.841 inhabitants) and Calatayud (21.174 inhabitants). All other municipalities have less than 20.000 inhabitants. The main activities in Aragon are those of Services and Agriculture.

 Communications is another mayor issue on the territory; the difficulty of the rugged terrain, the vast expanse of the territory, the distances between towns together with poor communications form a challenge to bring nearer services to the population.

Health and Social Care in the Region

Healthcare, together with education, is the most essential service that the Regional Authorities offer to the resident population. There is a need of permanent attention because it is necessary to strike a balance between the demand for quality healthcare (more and better services) and the need to contain the growth in the resources (human and financial) dedicated to healthcare.

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