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Total population: 4.8 million

Region profile

Veneto is one of the twenty regions of Italy and the 8th largest region of the country. Situated in Italy's northeast, Veneto extends from the Dolomites to the Adriatic Sea. It is bordered to the east by Friuli Venezia Giulia, to the south by Emilia-Romagna, to the west by Lombardy and to the north by Trentino-Alto Adige / Südtirol.

Historically, Veneto was a rather poor agricultural region and a land of mass emigration. But, since the 1970s it has seen impressive development, thanks to the so-called 'Veneto Development Model' that is characterised by strong export-oriented entrepreneurship in traditional economic sectors and close social cohesion -  making it the currently the third richest region in terms of total gross domestic product after Lombardy and Lazio.

The typical scenery of Veneto's coast is the Venetian lagoon with one of the most unique cities in the world – Venice. One-fifth of Italy's foreign tourism gravitates towards Veneto, which is the first region in Italy in terms of tourist presence, attracting over 60 million visitors every year.


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