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Thessalía (EL)

Total population: 732.000

Region profile

Thessaly (Thessalía) is a traditional geographic region and an administrative region of Greece. It is sub-divided into 5 regional units and 25 municipalities. The region is located in central Greece and borders the regions of Macedonia on the north, Epirus on the west, Central Greece on the south and the Aegean Sea on the east. The Sporades islands are also included in the region. The 732.000 inhabitants of Thessaly represent 6.8% of the total population of Greece. The metropolitan area of Larissa, the capital of Thessaly, is home to more than 230.000 people, making it the biggest city of the region.

The region has a distinct summer and winter season, with summer rains augmenting the fertility of the plains which has led to Thessaly occasionally being called the “breadbasket of Greece.” It has never been considered very “touristy” although it offers a variety of features, from the great shadow of Mount Olympus in the north to the greenery of Mount Pelion to the east, reflected in the blue waves of the Aegean Sea, from Lake Plastira in the centre and the great fertile plains around Larissa to the otherworldly heights of Meteora to the west.

Health and Social Care in the Region

The Telehealth/Telecare centre provides telemonitoring services to chronic patients and the elderly and social services to all citizens. Novel microtelemedicine devices are being utilized, for the wireless transmission of vital signs to a web-based platform. Individual citizens are equipped with light-weight handheld devices and record their vital signs at home which will then be transferred (via the telecare centre) to the municipality hospital over internet or GPRS for review and feedback by the experts. Through these Personal Health Systems and innovative types of telemedicine services, medical staff can monitor the health status of patients anywhere and anytime. The Telehealth/Telecare Centre is located in the Municipality of Trikala, which has run a local telehealth service already for 3 years. Therefore the Municipality of Trikala (e-Trikala) is the Competence Centre for the Digital Community of Central Greece.

Telemonitoring services will be provided to individual citizens with chronic heart failure, chronic asthma, diabetes, arrhythmias, dementia and hypertension.

The equipment included tele-electrocardiographs, tele-spirometers, tele-GPS trackers, tele-scales, tele glucometers and blood pressure meters.

The infrastructure of the Telehealth/Telecare Project of the Digital Community of Central Greece is therefore expected to focus on the major chronic diseases (like cardiovascular diseases (CVD); chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD); diabetes, dementia) and it will cover the needs of a statistically significant size of patient population per disease of Central Greece.


Local Telehealth Services E-Trikala

Municipality of Trikala

Region Thessalía

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