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Northern Ireland (UK)

Total population: 1.8 million

Region profile

Belonging to the United Kingdom, the province of Northern Ireland is composed of 26 districts and covers much of the ancient Irish kingdom of Ulster. With a population of 280.000, Belfast is the largest city and the capital and forms the economic engine of the region. Northern Ireland has historically been the most industrialised region of the island. After declining as a result of the political and social turmoil of the Troubles in the second half of the 20th century, its economy has grown significantly since the 1990s.

Northern Ireland is blessed with natural assets. Beside its well known green fields, the open landscape and the rolling hills, it offers a beautiful and diverse coastline. The province is the perfect choice for a short break or a holiday, offering various activities such as trout, salmon and freshwater fishing, surfing, sunbathing and a range of outdoor activities along scenic walking routes such as bike riding, hill climbing and horse riding. 

Health and Social Care in the Region

Northern Ireland has an increasing population of citizens over 75 years of age – approximately 117.000. Within the Southern LCG area, the population of over 75 year olds is circa 20.000. This growing elderly population results in an increased demand for health and social care services. The use of IT systems provides an opportunity for developing innovative mechanisms for the management of elderly patients, who often suffer from multiple long-term conditions.


Health and Social Care Board of Northern Ireland

Video: Discover Northern Ireland

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