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Noord-Brabant (NL)

Total population: 2.5 million

Region profile

North Brabant (Noord-Brabant) is a province of the Netherlands located in the south of the country, bordered by Belgium and the Meuse River. Like most of the Netherlands, North Brabant is mostly flat, but nearly every part of this province is above sea level. Consequently, there are not as many canals as in the lower parts of the Netherlands. While most of the population (2.5 million) lives in urban areas, the province is scattered  with small villages surrounded by cultivated land, forests, heatlands and dune areas.

Besides agriculture, employment is found in the industrial and service sectors. Chief industries are automobile production, technology and electronics, textile and shoes. In the twentieth century, tourism has become an important sector as well; North Brabant’s woods and its quiet atmosphere combined with the beauty of some of the cities having proved successful. Another big tourist attraction is theme park Efteling, the largest of the Benelux.

The creation of the light-bulb in 1891 and the first DAF truck a little later was the beginning of the development and flourishing of the region. Since then, the region – and in particular the city of Eindhoven – has grown to become a famous hotspot in the fields of technology, knowledge, innovation and design. Many top-class international high-tech companies are now located here. A multitude of companies and research institutes develop solutions for an ageing population. It is for good reason that in 2011, the region was named world’s most intelligent Community on Healthcare, and in 2012 the AAL Forum was organized in Eindhoven.


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