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Region Jönköping (Sweden)

Total population: 341.000

Region profile

Region Jönköping is located in the centre of southern Sweden and has a population of 341,000, making it the sixth largest region in Sweden. The 13 municipalities work collaboratively to create solid ground for personal and business growth. The vision is that everyone should be able to enjoy a good life in the attractive region.

The engine driving the development of society is a strong private business sector. The region has a long history of small enterprises and the business community is characterized by its spirit of cooperation, innovation, endurance and often a large dose of courage. Region Jönköping has one of the lowest unemployment figures and one of the lowest rates of illness-related absenteeism in Sweden.

Region Jönköping County, led by regional political parliament, has the responsibility for health care, regional development, infrastructure, culture and adult education in the region. Medical care is provided by three regional hospitals and 52 primary health care units/centers.

The 13 region municipalities are responsible for the provision of medical and social care in peoples own homes and residential homes. Höglandet is one part of this region and contains six of those municipalities.
The shared responsibility calls for a good cooperation between the caregivers and a need to always putting the person and his or her needs in the centre.

The Esther Network is made of caregivers, clinicians, patients, and families who work to promote and improve the complex care in Höglandet. “Esther” is a symbolic patient, with complex care needs who requires the coordination between hospital, primary care, home care, and community care. Esther is at the center of all our daily work.

The Vision

It is the vision of Region Jönköping County to create a durable and energetic network in which Esther can feel confident and live an independent life. Esther should know where to turn to, get care in or close to her home, see us as the same provider of care and have the possibility to get the same care all over Höglandet.

What the region does to achieve the vision

The region uses tools of continuous quality improvement and coaching to increase competence of the whole care chain, and reduce redundancy and dissatisfactory service provision for Esther.

The Organization

The Esther Network spans continents. It shares ideas with Esther's from Singapore to Toronto. Hoglandet is made up of 6 municipalities. There are many meetings across the Esther Network. Esther's organizing committee is comprised of directors from hospital, primary care, social care, department of medicine. Then there are smaller networks in each municipality, where Esther Coaches have been trained to empower staff to think for Esther and create projects which improve her journey through the health system.”

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