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Getting prepared for future deployment of integrated eCare services

The SmartCare Committed Regions Board

The Committed Regions Board (CRB) is one of the project’s advisory boards composed by so far 17 regions that do not actually pilot the SmartCare services, but that closely follow the process design and implementation of SmartCare services in order to pave the way and improve preconditions for the implementation of these in their regions in the near future.

The CRB closely follows all stages of the project and, besides, is actively involved in the contextualisation of the SmartCare pathways, the development of service process models and of cost-benefit models for their region.

The CRB closely collaborates with the SmartCare implementation team consisting of WP leaders as well as the deployment regions to exchange ideas and receive feedback from the regions experimenting on the ground.

Regions belonging to the CRB are therefore the first regions to which the SmartCare transferability model will be applied, so enabling them to develop a realistic deployment plan for the SmartCare services in their specific regional context.

The CRB also serves as a bridge between the SmartCare consortium and European regions not involved in SmartCare. In doing this, the CRB acts both as collector of inputs coming from the wider European regional community and as primary instrument of dissemination towards regional decision makers for integrated care services uptake. The Assembly of European Regions (AER), manager of the CRB, will mainly conduct these tasks.

Regions belonging to the SmartCare CRB are:

  • Jönköping, Sweden
  • Northern Ireland
  • Rotterdam, the Netherlands
  • Baden-Württemberg, Germany
  • Veneto, Italy
  • Olomouc, Czech Republic
  • Kärnten, Austria
  • Timiş, Romania
  • Hrvatska, Croatia
  • Thessalia, Greece
  • C. Valenciana, Spain
  • Pais Vasco/Euskadi, Spain
  • Catalunya, Spain
  • Murcia, Spain
  • Extremadura, Spain
  • Amadora, Portugal
  • Israel

In summary, objectives of the CRB are:

  • Laying the ground for and speeding up the process of regional implementations of the SmartCare services in the committed regions;
  • Stimulating political leadership in the regions, by educating regional decision-makers as well as professionals and practitioners about the added value of integrated care services in general and SmartCare services particularly and encouraging them to consider its’ potential benefits and impacts in their region;
  • Contributing to the dissemination of the project outcomes, in particular in their region but also on a larger geographical level;
  • Informing AER member regions about the constitution of the CRB and the possibility of playing a role in it;
  • Preparing for the SmartCare service design and implementation process;
  • Learning from the experience of SmartCare deployment regions.


CRB regions can be classified into five groups today (cf. figure above).  All groups slightly differ from each other (and sometime even within) as regards how they benefit from SmartCare results and activities they currently focus on as well as in relation to their funding status:

  • CRB regions that are partners in SmartCare since the beginning of the project;
  • CRB regions that are partner in SmartCare since the beginning of the project in 2013 and later became pilot regions in BeyondSilos in 2014;
  • CRB regions that are partner in SmartCare since the beginning of the project in 2013 and later became pilot regions in CareWell in 2014;
  • CRB regions that joined the board in late 2014 or 2015 after the start of SmartCare (not entitled to receive any funding);
  • Regions that are not officially part of the SmartCare CRB but so- called “interested regions” (not entitled to receive any funding).

Depending on the group a region belongs to, the focus of activities within the framework of the SmartCare CRB by nature differs from regions belonging to another group as graphically summarised below. The focus of activities again influences how a region benefits from the participation in the SmartCare CRB and vice versa.



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