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The SmartCare Videos

Over its course of action, SmartCare has produced a range of videos:

  •  SmartCare - Integrating Care: SmartCare and its two follow-up projects BeyondSilos and CareWell, address the deployment of ICT-supported integrated care in European regions.
  • SmartCare Pathways for integrated eCare: Pathways are an important tool for the realisation of integrated eCare services. Learn more about the SmartCare Pathways for Integrated eCare, how important they are for the project and how they can be of use to you.
  • Training School - Change Management for Integrated Care: Health and social care providers in BeyondSilos as well as in its sister projects SmartCare and CareWell undertake major changes to service delivery processes. A training school on change management helps them to optimize their efforts.
  • SmartCare - A big meeting in Scotland: More than 40 health and social care professionals from 7 Scottish local partnership areas met in Fenwick to discuss SmartCare and integrated support for people at risk of falling. Also in attendance were three members of the SmartCare central project team, to hear from and discuss with people.
  • SmartCare consortium meeting in Brussels: In early September 2013 SmartCare consortium members came together recapitulate work that has been done since the project start in March and to plan activities and tasks for the next six months of the project.
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