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Presentation of SmartCare to health care and social care professionals in Tallinn, January 2016

Download the presentation slides (pdf, Estonian language)


Technology Innovations: Supporting Integrated Care at Home and in Communities, Odense, October 2015

Three projects – one goal: Effective deployment of integrated eCare services in Europe (pdf)


Smart City Symposium, Skopje, September 2015

SmartCare- Integrated Care of Tomorrow


European Summit on Active and Healthy Ageing, Brussels, March 2015

The SmartCare Project- Joining up ICT and service processes for quality integrated care in Europe. (pdf)


International Digital Health and Care Congress, London, September 2014

How Technology supports integrated care- SmartCare implementation in Aragón (pdf)


International Conference on Integrated Care, Brussels, March 2014

Presenting a solution: ICT-supported pathways for integrated social and health care (pdf)


First Meeting of the UBC Commission, Tartu, May 2013

SmartCare_Furture Care (pdf)


AER Seminar on integrated care systems, Barcelona, June 2013

Presentations are available for download here:


International Congress for telehealth and telecare, London, July 2013

International Congress for telehealth and telecare 2013_HIMSA (pdf)


First World Congress on Integrated Care, Singapore, November 2013

The_SmartCare_approach_in_Aragon (pdf)

The SmartCare approach in Southern Denmark (pdf)


AER plenary meeting, awareness-raising & recruitment of new regions, Valencia, December 2013

 Recruiting of regions (pdf)



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