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Final conference attracted strong attention of regional & local media

The SmartCare final conference attracted strong attention of regional and local media. Various articles were published in local and regional newspapers and online newsletters. Further to this, the site visit organised within the context of the final conference was featured by the TV broadcaster Telequattro.

The conference attracted strong attention of regional and local media, and two articles were published in a newspaper and online newsletter:

  • Il Piccolo, FVG local newspaper: The article presented the most important outputs of the Smartcare project in Friuli Venezia Giulia. It underlines the most important characteristics of the 200 patients involved on the monitoring programme. During the conference, the General Director of AUITS (Local Health Authority), Dr. Nicola Delli Quadri, the Regional Ministry for Health and Social Policies, Dr. Maria Sandra Telesca, and the new Local Assessor for Social Policies, Carlo Grilli, confirmed the importance of monitoring for healthy active ageing polices in FVG Region; they underlined that the patients are the pivot of the new technological system. Moreover, Smartcare was been considered best practice for monitoring patients and to prevent the hospitalisation.
  • Online The article was published on line the 22th July. It presents a general overview of the project in Friuli Venezia Giulia, and underlines the importance of integrated care and the use of a specific technological platform to monitor the patients. It describes the most important outputs of Smartcare in FVG Region, and the partnership's dimension: 24 European regions, 9 deployment sites and 15 committed regions. The article concludes by informing that the Regional Minister Dr. Maria Sandra Telesca and the General Director of ASUITS (Local Health Authority), Dr. Nicola Delli Quadri attended the final conference and took the floor. .
  • Il Piccolo, FVG local newspaper:The article, after a short project's overview, describe the three patients' experience involved in Smartcare. They consider positive their experience thank to the new divices and the alert ssyetem creater by H&S enterprise (devices' provider).The telemonitoring helps the patients to check the health problem, to empower they knowledge about their desease and they assert that the alert system reassure them because they are checked 24h.
  • Telequattro broadcast: Video reporting on the final conference in Trieste.The daily newscast presents some technical details about the project, shows the final conference's venue and the interviews to the Regional Ministry Maria Sandra Telesca and to the General Director of ASUIts, dr. Nicola Delli QUadri.The Ministry underlines the role of lead partner of the Friuli Vnezia Giulia in the project, but in general also in the Health and Social policies expecially for ageing people and the integrated home care. The reform of Health regional law (regional law n.17, 2014), in fact, gives great attention to the integrated home care,to the support to the patients' families and in Italy, the Friuli venezia Giulia is the most innovative region for the Health care system.The Genral Director underlines that the patients involved in the ASUITS territory will be monitoring after the end of the project. The European Commission Board has been informed and it considers the ASUIts's decision a very good practice at European level.
  • Telequattro broadcast: With a small international group of the deployment sites involved in the project visited one of the patient, Mr. Licurgo Benvenuti, involved in the project. During the visit, the newscast's service has shown some of the instruments for monitoring used by the patient and the interviews to Mr. Benvenuti, and to the Smartcare's nurses coordinator, Donatella Radini. After a general overview about the project and a short reference to the Final Conference (july 6th), the journalist spoke with Mr Benvenuti who explains the involvement on the project and expecially the semplicity in using the new instruments. During the home visit, Donatella Radini shows Smartcare's international group all the instruments and the hub that registers immediatly the data on the web platform, created and provided by H&S. Moreover, Donatella radini explains the alert system and the important role of the call center. After an alert, the call center calls the patient to verify his/her situation and firstly the call center operator asks to the patient to measure again the parameter before to contact, if necessary, the nurse or the caregiver. This monitoring system helps to prevent the worsening and avoid, if possible, the hospitalization. You can watch the video here (in Italian).

  • Trieste prima online newspaper:The article informs that the project Smartcare will be part, from 2017, of the Regional Health Programme for the Health integration policies.The Regional ministry of Health and Social Policies. dr Maria Sandra Telesca during the final conference declared that the project, involved the great part of the health districts (17 on 20 totally). The wide involvment of districts in Friuli Venezia Giulia Region allow to monitoring and involving ageing people in a healthy ageing programme in line with the European and International policies.Moreover, added the Regional Ministry, Smartcare created a new system where the patients and their families are the pivot of the care system, but the project implemented also a new organization system that involved nurses, doctors and formal and informal caregivers. This example will be part of the Regional care policies.


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