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Countdown to integration- SmartCare Deployment Guidelines

The SmartCare Guidelines offer policy makers, managers, practitioners, and users a systematic framework toolbox that can be used as a “deployment regional operational route map” with practical guidance in planning, developing and implementing ICT-supported integrated eCare deployment.

Deploying an ICT-supported integrated care service and implementing an eHealth innovation within the usual care process represents a big chal- lenge for most European regions. Implementing innovation in care provision has proven to be a difficult undertaking. Several causes for this challenge and difficulty can be identified, including organisational and legal aspects, weak political commitment, low level of eLiteracy and technology availa- bility, and too little involvement of key stakeholders and end users.

With more than three years efforts and a significant number of different profiles of the organisations involved, the SmartCare project has provided a realistic picture of the complexity of deploying the regional systems, and how to deal with this.

The aim of the Smartcare guidelines for deployment is to help other regional and local systems to identify the key elements to make real the opportunities offered by ICTs to support inte- grated care services, and to analyse under what conditions these technol- ogies are most likely to result in efficiency, sustainability and quality-of-care improvements.

Download the guidelines for deployment here.




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