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Syddanmark (DK)

Total population: 1.2 million

Region profile

The Region of Southern Denmark is a dynamic growth area which enjoys a central geographical location in Denmark. In the south, part of the Region is Denmark’s historic borderland and the Region has both a rich and varied past and a unique culture. The Region of Southern Denmark is one of five administrative units in Denmark. Its largest city is Odense, with a population of 170.000.

The Region is home to one of Scandinavia’s largest and most modern hospitals, the Odense University Hospital. Denmark’s third largest university – the University of Southern Denmark – is also based in the region.

Health and Social Care in the Region

In Denmark the responsibility for running the health service is decentralized and lies mostly within the regional authorities. The Region of Southern Denmark is one of five administrative units in Denmark. The region operates four hospital units. The Region of Southern Denmark collaborates with 800 General Practitioners to provide medical treatment.

The primary responsibility for the Region of Southern Denmark is health care, which implies responsibility for hospital services, psychiatry, health insurance, general practitioners, and specialists. Furthermore, the Region runs a number of social institutions and is responsible for regional development.

The Region of Southern Denmark is the largest work place in the region, employing around 25,000 people – mainly health care professionals. Measured in turnover, the Region of Southern Denmark is also a true heavyweight, with an annual budget of DKK 20.3 billion.

"Health for all"

The Region of Southern Denmark’s mission in the area of health is to achieve the highest possible level of health for all citizens. The vision for the area of health is to have a coherent and citizen-oriented health service. 
Openness, dialogue and citizen involvement are words representing the interaction between the Region of Southern Denmark on the one hand and local authorities, the business community, knowledge institutions and private citizens on the other.

Increasingly over the last five years, the Region of Southern Denmark has focused on eHealth and telemedicine – both in research projects but also in implementation. All hospitals in the region have implemented telemedicine services and the level of electronic communication is very high.

The SmartCare project is lead from one of the region’s departments Health Innovation of Southern Denmark and the evaluation is conducted by Odense University Hospital.

Regional partners

SmartCare beneficiaries

The beneficiaries of SmartCare are citizens suffering from a chronic disease, general practitioners, municipalities and hospitals in the Region of Southern Denmark.

The three sectors are aimed at collaborating better when the SmartCare service has been implemented. However the citizen will benefit the most from the service, since the focus is on easing the course of treatment for the citizen. 

The municipality

In Denmark, the municipality is the social care provider. In the Region of Southern Denmark there are 22 municipalities. The municipalities are responsible for preventive services, as well as for rehabilitation and home care.

The hospitals

The hospital sector deals with medical conditions that require specialised treatment, equipment and intensive care. Normally the general practitioner will refer a patient to the hospital. However, if it is a matter of an accident or acute illness the patient will be taken directly to the hospital.

The general practitioners

The general practitioner is the patients’ primary point of entry to health services and therefore the gatekeeper of healthcare and also the coordinator of chronic disease management. It is the general practitioner’s responsibility that the patient is given the right treatment and also to refer a patient to the right professionals in the health service if necessary.

Further regional partners

MedCom is national project organisation that is a co-operative venture between authorities, organisations and private firms linked to the Danish healthcare sector. MedCom is financed and owned by The Ministry of Health, Danish Regions and Local Government Denmark and contributes to the development, testing, dissemination and quality assurance of electronic communication and information in the healthcare sector with a view to supporting good patient progression and solves problems with a focus to support efficient performance and a gradual expansion of the national eHealth infrastructure, which is necessary for a safe and coherent access to relevant data and communication across regions, municipalities, and general practitioners.


Region of Southern Denmark

Health Innovation of Southern Denmark

Odense University Hospital

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