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Scotland (UK)

Total population: 5.3 million

Region profile

Services in Scotland will first be piloted in Ayrshire and Clyde Valley.


With 80 miles of unspoilt coastline, the stunning Ayrshire coast is the marine gateway to much of the west coast of Scotland and has a world-class reputation for yachting.

Often referred to as Scotland’s golf coast, the region is also the birthplace of the famous Open Golf Championship.

Clyde Valley

The lush Clyde Valley cuts through the historical industrial heartland of Scotland, once a very valuable national resource due to its prodigious mills, coal mining, iron and steel works as well as soft fruit and vegetable farms.

Today, the Clyde Valley is home to magnificent estates and country parks including New Lanark, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Founded in the 18th century, New Lanark is a beautifully restored 18th century cotton mill village set in a spectacular valley. It highlights the socially pioneering work of mill owner Robert Owen who provided decent homes, fair wages, free health care, a new education system for villagers and the first workplace nursery school in the world.


Health and Social Care in the Region

Healthcare in Scotland is provided by its public health service, NHS Scotland, and is free at the point of need, paid for from general taxation. The Scottish Government spends around £12 billion on health each year on a population of 5.295.400.

The 14 health boards and 32 local authorities in Scotland have formed joint Community Health and Care Partnerships (CHCPs) to support better delivery of services to the people who use them. One of the core purposes of CHCPs is to deliver local health improvement that helps to close the health inequality gap that exists in Scotland, and the integration of health and social care services is integral to achieving this.

There are seven local authorities and three health boards participating in the SmartCare project in Scotland. Together they form seven Community Health and Care Partnerships:

North Ayrshire CHCP          - North Ayrshire Council and NHS Ayrshire and Arran

South Ayrshire CHCP          - South Ayrshire Council and NHS Ayrshire and Arran

East Ayrshire CHCP            - East Ayrshire Council and NHS Ayrshire and Arran

South Lanarkshire CHCP    - South Lanarkshire Council and NHS   Lanarkshire

North Lanarkshire CHCP    - North Lanarkshire Council and NHS Lanarkshire

Renfrewshire CHCP            - Renfrewshire Council and NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

East Renfrewshire CHCP     - East Renfrewshire Council and NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde


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