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Region Murcia (ES)

Total population: 1.2 million

Region profile

Located on the southern Mediterranean coast of the Iberian Peninsula, the Murcia Region is a territory that, both historically and geographically, has been characterized by its structure in counties that bind to today's 45 municipalities that make up this uniprovincial community, organized around the capital, which resides in the city of Murcia. Semiarid Mediterranean climate, temperatures fit the Mediterranean model, with hot summers which come to exceed 40 ° C, and winters which are mild and short. Murcia's coastline, with more than 170 km, draws a steep, rocky coast, interrupted by small beaches and coves, which meets a wide variety of ecosystems: saline, wetlands, dunes and beaches. The economic structure of the region is characterized by a more important agricultural sector and less important service sector than the national average.

Health and Social Care in the Region

Murcia was the first Spanish region to implement its own Electronic Health Record Solution (SELENE) after decentralization in 2002. It exemplifies the maturity of regional eHealth solutions. Private healthcare providers are grouped under the Unión Murciana de Hospitales, and some of its organizations also belong to the cluster.


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