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Region Kraljevo (RS)

Total population: 140.000

Region profile

Kraljevo is a relatively young city, with several models of urban construction. During its development, it has passed all stages, from rural to the urban settlements of today.

By decree of King Milan Obrenovic of 19th April 1882, Karanovac city was renamed in Kraljevo, in memory of the establishment of the Kingdom of Serbia, and the arrival of the first crowned king after the Kosovo tragedy in this small town.

Kraljevo is now an economic, cultural and administrative centre, not only this municipality, but also Raska and Vrnjačke Banje. It is the seat of the Raska district. The city lies in the middle part of Serbia, east of Kraljevo valley, between the Western Morava and Ibar River, not far from the mountains Goc, Željina, Kopaonik and Kotlenik. It is a great intersection for road and railway transport, with tourist centres (Vrnjacka Banja, Kopaonik, Goc, Mataruška Banja, Kotlenika), and a cultural heritage (monasteries Žiča, Studenica Maglič etc.). It had a significant positive influence on the development and dynamics of this region in the post-war period. All this was inevitably followed by the development of health services.


Republic of Serbia – Ministry of Health


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