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Region Etelä-Kariala (FI)

Total population: 133.000

Region profile

South Karelia (Etelä-Kariala) is an international region. The waterways are at the heart of the region, and the differences between municipalities are part of its richness. Lake Saimaa, other great lakes and the water system of River Vuoksi have had a significant impact on the climate and environment of South Karelia, including the settlement and the development of industries and business life.

The region is a combination of green, rugged lake landscapes with industrial plants, increasing traffic and expanding business centres surrounded by forests. South Karelia has always been open to influences from different cultures. This international trend was reinforced by the arrival of large industries. Lappeenranta University of Technology keeps in touch with the world through its networks.

Lappeenranta was founded in 1649 and has today a population of 72 038. The town covers an area of 1 723 km2. Lappeenranta is the centre of the South Karelia region in south-east Finland. The economic development of the city has been favourable, especially in the service sector. Lappeenranta counts among the main training and education centres in Finland.

South Karelia offers a wide range of education and training, and educational institutes work hand in glove with business life. Expertise in technology and issues related to Russia are accumulating. Internationalism is part of every-day life. The educational offer is completed by culture and arts.



South Karelia Social and Health Care District (Eksote)



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