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Olomouc region (CZ)

Total population: 640.000

Region profil

The Olomouc region is one of 14 regions in the Czech Republic. It is situated in the central Moravia and partly in the northern Moravia. Together with the Zlín region it creates the NUTS II region– Central Moravia.

The Olomouc region has almost 5 300 km2 and about 640 000 inhabitants. The area of the Olomouc region is composed of 13 town counties with enhanced activity (Hranice, Jeseník, Konice, Lipník nad Bečvou, Litovel, Mohelnice, Olomouc, Prostějov, Přerov, Šternberk, Šumperk, Uničov, Zábřeh). The region’s capital is Olomouc with more than 100.000 citizens. The region has a 104 km long border with Poland.

Geographically is the region divided into a northern mountainous part with the Jeseníky mountains and a southern part which is shaped by the flatland Haná. The Olomouc region offers a wide range of natural and cultural attractions greatly visited by tourists. In the region centre there are good conditions for strategic services and industry progress, all over the region there are conditions also for tourist trade progress.

In terms of economy the Olomouc region is an industrial area with developed services. The economy in Olomouc, Přerov and Prostějov districts – the so called business triangle – is relatively steady and developed. Jeseník district and the northern part of Šumperk district belong due to its location and traffic availability to economically weaker districts and this situation then reflects on every economic indicator of the whole region. The Olomouc region acquired only 78.1% per capita out of the republic average GDP which is the second position among all regions in the Czech Republic.

The most significant academical educational institution in the region is Palacky University in Olomouc which has a great history and is owned by the state. The university offers education at 7 faculties. The university runs also a Scientific Technical Park, its part is called Business incubator. There is a stable system of primary and secondary schools in the region. University education in the region is complemented by a private university specialized in management – the Moravian University of Olomouc.

Olomouc region owns several health care (municipal hospitals) and social care facilities, including nursing houses and long term care facilities.

The University Hospital Olomouc is the largest medical institution in the Olomouc Region. It provides care for patients even from a wider area than the region. The hospital is considered a top quality center in many fields of medicine. It provides health care from basic to highly specialized. The hospital is a part of a national network of comprehensive oncological, cardio, hematooncological and traumatological centers. The hospital has 3 350 employees, including nurses and paramedics, and has over 1 100 beds. Its services use yearly over 775 000 patients.

The national eHealth Center (NTMC) was established within the hospital in 2012. Its role is to bring innovative approaches and methods based on application of information and communication technologies to Czech health care and to education in medical and paramedical fields. NTMC concentrates on both the system-oriented and medical aspects of ICT use in healthcare. The aim of NTMC is also to coordinate diverse activities under one interworking structure. In doing so, it establishes partnerships for research and exploring new trends and practices in telehealth, verifies and implements them; especially those related to chronic diseases and integrated care.

NTMC is active in many programs, projects, committees and boards that deal with innovations in healthcare, including integrated care. NTMC has also developed best practices related to chronic diseases treatment using mobile ICT technologies. Deployment of these best practices has led to establishing of an EIP on AHA Reference site in the Hospital in 2013. NTMC is further active in EIP AHA B3 (Integrated Care) and a Reference Sites Collaborative Network, where it cooperates with other EIP AHA members and Reference sites and participates in other activities for scaling up of best practices and sharing knowledge.  NTMC also establishes various partnerships within the scope of telehealth and eHealth (universities, healthcare providers, companies, insures, administrations) to support progress in ICT use in healthcare and to enable sustainability of the innovations.    

Its regional role is strengthened by partnership with Olomouc Region, which intends to develop various health and social care innovations and use them in practice. NTMC participates in several international and national projects that are focused on future models of care with the use of ICT (e.g. United4Health, Connected For Health).


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