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Baden-Württemberg (DE)

Total population: 10.5 million

Region profile

Services in Baden-Württemberg will first be piloted in the Kinzigtal.

The middle Kinzigtal including the cities Gengenbach, Haslach, Zell am Harmersbach, Hausach and Hornberg is located in the centre of the black forest and belongs to the Ortenaukreis which is the largest county (1.851 square meters) of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg.

The river Kinzig connects the hills of the black forest with the Rhine Valley. The river starts on 682 meters above sea level near the city of Freudenstadt and ends 100 km from the city Kehl in the Rhine. The Kinzigtal is characterized by its agricultural environment (especially wine and fruit growing) and its rural spirit. Because of the mild climate the region is very attractive for tourism and sports like e.g. hiking and moutainbiking. But also the manufactural and medium sized industrial sector is very well established and builds the core of the economical strength in this region. Over the last years the unemployment rate has remained less than 4% and is therefore one of the lowest ones in Germany.

A good transport connection because of the highways and the train infrastructure makes it easy to travel to France and Switzerland, which are very close to the German border.

Health and Social Care in the Region

The total population within the western and central Kinzigtal region – the service area of the Gesundes Kinzigtal integrated care system – amount to about 71.300 inhabitants. Nearly half of these (31.000) are insured by AOK Baden-Württemberg (about 29.300 assureds) and by LKK Baden-Württemberg (about 1.700 assureds). Both are statutory health insurers (sickness funds); AOK BW is open to anyone whereas LKK BW is open only to farmers and their dependents. Gesundes Kinzigtal GmbH is in economically accountable of the total health care budget of all these 31.000 assureds (see Figure 1), regardless whether they are treated by physicians who take part in the project or not and regardless where they are treated.


Tourist portal of the municipalities of Kinzigtal

County Ortenaukreis

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