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Press release Seminar on Integrated Care_Barcelona_June 2013_en

Press release Seminar on Integrated Care_Barcelona_June 2013_es

Press release Extremadura and Fundecyt Seniors Fair_Feria  del Mayor_February 2014

Press release "Change Management in integrated e-care: SmartCare research to test and assess the viability of integrated services across Europe - site visit in Trieste (Friuli Venezia Giulia Region)"



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 "El Sepad y Fundecyt-Pctex viajan a Atenas para buscar tecnologías innovadoras para el cuidado de los mayores":

"Se pone en marcha un proyecto para aprovechar las oportunidades comerciales que brinda el mercado de las personas mayores. Revista 75; FUNDECYT-PCTEx":

Actas de Coordinacion Sociosanitaria. 14th July 2015.

"City SmartCare is monitoring chronically diseased elderly living at home and helps to call for help" (in Estonian language)





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SmartCare in the region of Southern Denmark

A Danish TV station has made a news feature on SmartCare in the Region of Southern Denmark. The feature focuses on the positive aspects of one of the region’s newest systems and how it helps both the patients and the hospital staff. The patient in the feature especially notes that the system makes his life easier and helps him getting more familiar with his heart condition which consequently makes him feel more at ease.

 The video was recorded June 15 2013 by TV2/Funen, which is a local news station covering Funen, Denmark. The video was broadcasted on television to Funen as well where roughly 500.000 people live. 


Pilot Site Video- Southern Denmark

Pilot Site Video- Friuli Venezia Giulia


SmartCare General Assembly-  Athens, May 2014


Second General Assembly- Brussels, September 2013



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