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Public deliverables

D1.1 "Requirements for SmartCare Pathways and Integration Infrastructure"

D1.2 "Pilot-level Pathways and Integration Infrastructure"

D2.1 "Service Process Models"

D3.1 "Deployment Level Service Specification"

D3.2 "Final Service Specification"

D4.2 "SmartCare Field Test Report Version 1"

D4.1 "System integration architecture"

D4.3 "Integrated ICT infrastructure (V1)"

D4.4 "System integration architecture (V2)"

D4.5 "SmartCare Field Test Report Version 2"

D5.1 "SmartCare Operational Pilots"

D6.1 "SmartCare Common SmartCare Common Specifications"

D6.2 "Report on Operation of Deployment sites"

D7.1 "MAST 1.0 Validation Workshop"

D7.2 "Report on the predictive model application to the first deployment site"

D7.3 "MAST 2.0 Validation Workshop"

D7.4 "Report on the collaboration with BeyondSilos and CareWell"

D7.5 "Report on the collaboration with the EIP AHA B3 Action Group"

D7.6 "Change Management Tool Box"

D7.8 "MAST 2.0 manuals"

D7.9 "Cross-projects data comparison"

D8.3 "Second interim process evaluation report"

D8.4 "SmartCare Pilot Outcomes"

D8.5 "Report on Users' Advisory Board visits to the deployment sites"

D10.9 "Project final report"

D8.1 "Evaluation framework for SmartCare- draft version"

D8.2 "SmartCare first interim evaluation report"

D9.1 "SmartCare First report on dissemination and exploitation activities"

D9.2A "SmartCare Interim report on dissemination activities"

D9.2B "SmartCare Interim report on exploitation activities"

D10.2 "Ethics and Data Protection Framework"

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