Delivering integrated eCare

Health and social care in Europe is often delivered in an uncoordinated way. The SmartCare project will formalize two care pathways and support their implementation and piloting in ten European regions. The individual pathway steps are described in local care plans which make use of modern ICT tools to allow health and social care professionals to deliver the best possible care to citizens and patients.

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SmartCare conference

6 July 2016 in Trieste, Italy

Join us to learn, share and discuss about the latest trends regarding ICT-supported integrated care in Europe. Programme and registration now available.

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New report outlines benefits achieved in Scotland

SmartCare has been a key programme of work in support of Health and social Care integration over the past three years.

How to make an integrated care service sustainable

Three integrated care projects CareWell, BeyondSilos and SmartCare shared answers and lessons through an interactive workshop on business model development at...

SmartCare Regions

SmartCare tests and demonstrates the viability of its integrated services through an extensive deployment programme, established in regions across Europe. The deployments will help the SmartCare partners to determine the impacts of their services and to optimize service provision.

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